Mennat-Allah Ghouraba


Advanced Research Assistant- Wellcome Sanger institute

What do I do?

My job involves working out why some people get regular and painful stomach ache. I study different types of cells in the gut (your tummy), and try to work out which ones are causing the disease and why. I do that by looking at something called RNA in the cells. RNA is a bit like a message that tells the cells what to do.

Me in 3 (Three words to describe me)

  • Persistent
  • Passionate
  • Friendly

Fascinating facts about me

I love cooking so much, I also love travelling, hiking, snorkelling and dancing.

Skills I use in my job:

Observation - to notice if anything is wrong with the cells in my experiment

Problem solving - to solve any problems that may happen during my experiments

Organisation - to organise all the chemicals and tools I need for my experiments, and the patient information we collect

Team work - the project we do is big and needs different lab and computational skills so we are a big team that have to work well together

Can you spot the difference?

My job involves growing cells and making sure they are a good enough quality to be used in our experiments.

We have to be very observant to notice any dead cells, cell debris (tiny pieces of broken cells) or cells that should not be there.

  • Can you spot the difference between sample A and sample B opposite?
  • How many cells (white circles) can you count in Sample B?
  • Try drawing a grid over the picture to help. Is it easier with or without a grid?

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