Useful Links

There are a lot of other great resources out there to help support teachers to mitigate unconscious bias related to science and reduce science inequality in children’s early formative years.  Below are a few resources such as videos explaining issues such as science capital, scientist job profiles, and stories about scientists.

The Science Capital concept

The concept of Science Capital was developed by Professor Louise Archer and colleagues at UCL. It can help us understand patterns in science participation – why some people engage with science and others do not. In particular, it helps shed light on why particular social groups remain underrepresented in post-16 science, and why many young people do not see science careers as being ‘for me’, nor see themselves as a ‘science person’.

Science capital can be imagined like a bag, containing all the science-related knowledge, attitudes, experiences and resources that you acquire through life. It includes what science you know, how you think about science (your attitudes and dispositions), who you know (for example, if your parents are very interested in science) and what sort of everyday engagement you have with science

Science capital approach

The Science Capital Approach Animation illustrates how to teach science with a new mind-set, from broadening what counts in the science classroom and to challenging stereotypes.

NUSTEM - STEM Person of the week

STEM Person of the Week (SPOTW) has been created by the NUSTEM Group at Northumbria University. They have a range of downloadable postcards and posters showcasing different people working in STEM.

Research champions - science storytelling

Bored of learning about historic explorers and philosophers? Looking for new and exciting discoveries, from inspirational modern scientists? Love reading and learning from stories? Research champions has a selection of beautiful stories about different scientists from around the world. Children can find out about a range of STEM areas from studying tortoises, developing a colour-changing plaster to revealing the secrets of a Spinosaurus!